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Summer Wedding Party Makeup Essentials ☉

As we promised earlier that we would do a full deet post on the summer weddings do’s and dont’s, here is the one.

For one of my bestgirl’s big day I chose to go all traditional staying on my comfort zone.

🔹 As it was scorching hot outside ☉, I chose a blushed pink (more on the mauve side) katan saree. Its best to choose the pastel shades for day time events and for hot summer weather.

🔹Avoided jewellery; since wanted to focus on make-up more.

🔹 Did a sweatproof make-up that stayed upto 12 hours without any touch up and bejewelled the temples of my features with my most favourite highlighter that has lots of sheen. ☄

🔹The only ensemble i carried is the #aldo watch. And, a diamond cut nose pin.
🔹Applied a lot of perfume 🙈 ( don’t forget it’s important; sometimes i do forget. But good lord i carry a lot of samplers with me in the inner pockets of my purses.🙈)

🔹Did an edgy black n platinum eyelook with a hint of purple on  the lower lash line; and chose a mauvish purpley pink (😂) on my lips.

🔹Last but not the least, never forget to prime up your skin with the skin friendly primer and lock your makeup with the best setting spray.

If you need product details of this look, we would happy to post that. Please let us know and stay tuned. 💗


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