Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Palette Review 

As most of you beauties would know that Carli Bybel is a makeup guru and she teamed up with BH cosmetics to create a new and gorgeous palette with 21 shadows. The packaging looks elegant with white marble pattern on the outside  and inside of the palette. I only wish if they had names for the shadows. 

There are 15 eye shadows and 6 highlighters though all of them can be used as eye shadows. The colors are absolutely stunning. They are not the most buttery shadows I have ever used but they are not the hardest to blend as well. I would say some of the shadows blend effortlessly while some needs a little extra effort. The shimmery shadows and highlighters are like dream, they are very pigmented and creamy. You can use a light hand with the highlighters and they will still give you a perfect glow.  


( from left to right )


First Row  :  There’s two duo-chrome shadows on the right end. One is with a pink undertone and the other is with orange. Those two are my personal favourites.

Second Row : This Row is more of a mauve tone shadows with matte and shimmer mixtures.


Third Row : A mixture of bronze shimmers and mattes.

Forth and Fifth Rows ( Highlighters ) : The last two from the right hand side can be used as bronzer for a beautiful summery glow. 

P.S. pictures are taken with flash 

Overall, this is a very affordable palette with high quality. I love BH cosmetics when it comes to affordable price point and quality at the same time. This palettes cost me around $29 AUD including shipping and I purchased this from Pranava Beauty website linked below : 

This eye look was created using this palette. 

Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I would rate this palette with 4 stars because the mattes could have been a little better in terms of color pay off on the eyes. Otherwise, I wold highly recommend this beautiful palette! 



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