ColourPop – Love a Flare ☄

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to our blog. We know that we have been so irregular lately. So here we are presenting a swatcharama of the mighty colourpop supershock shadow kit in Love a Flare ( Yeyyyyy!!!) on NC45 skintone. And will also feature a look we have done with recently. Let’s now  jump into the content.

This set comes in a beautiful box with magnetic closure and a mirror inside. The shadows fitted into a foamy insert that is glued in place. So no more extra caution while travelling. 

Now the colours: 

It has six shades and all of them belonging to warm family except one (high rise). And, comes in 3 different formulas – 1 duochrome/ glittery, 4 matted and 1 satin.

From left to right : head rush, high rise, Melrose, by my side, I spy and moonwalk (top: without the flash & bottom with the flash).

1. Head Rush – Matte finish khaki olive. ( more in the brownish side).

2. High Rise – Matte finish darkened olive green (more in the greenish side).

3.Melrose – Matte finish true rust (more on the reddish orangish side).

4.By My Side – Glittery finish yellow peach with a hint of pink. ( more on the peachier side).

5. I Spy – Matte finish soft peach (more on the warmer side).

6. Moonwalk – Pearlized satiny finish yellow gold with a rust orange undertone and duo chrome flip (more on the greenish side).

My Favourites –  Moonwalk,  Melrose and By My Side.

My Thoughts :

1. Very pigmented.

2. Stays up to 9 hours without any touch up. 

3. Zero fallout and easily blendable.

4. Buttery – creamy texture and works better with a finger rather a brush.

5. I found ‘I spy’ very chalky and very hard to blend. Moreover creases a lot. I wouldn’t have paid a penny for this shade if this doesn’t come with the set. 

6. Overall its a very good deal. I am happy to pay 20$ (which is nearly equivalent to 2400 bdt.) for this great set. 

I give four stars ⛥⛥⛥⛥ for this.

Here are some photos of the look I have created with this like few days ago. I have used – Melrose and moonwalk here along with naked 2.

Dress : Designed by me.

Purse : Urban Truth

Accessories:  Gawsia market in Dhaka. 

Availability of this set in Bangladesh: 

I ordered this from The Fashion Truck. They have ordered this for me through ColourPop

Till our next post, slay!


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