How To Surround Yourself With Positive Energy At A Negative Work Environment! 

Hi Everyone! Happy weekend. Hope you are enjoying the weekend bliss and self time with your loved ones. Today I would like to talk about something which is much needed for every working people.

For the working class, we spend our maximum hours of the day at work place. If your work environment  is full of negativity its really hard for someone to pick things up.

Here are 6 tips to strive the negativity away and boost yourselves up with positivity.

1. Always communicate positive things with your co-workers: 

Always Communicate positive things, even though its a negative comment regarding someone. Deliver it positively.

It boosts people up. A research have shown majority of the employees who resign by themselves become dead demotivated at workplace.

So it’s a leader’s duty to inspire people. Even though you don’t have such leaders at your work try to be one. And, create an example.

2. Take coffee breaks:

Take coffee breaks. Twice or thrice a day. Caffeine helps you to recharge your brains. And, try to isolate yourself from work in those breaks. Try to have a light snack and have even lighter conversations with co-workers during the time.

3. Make friends at work: 

Don’t believe the phrase, that colleagues can never be your friends. C’Mon! It’s 2017. Make your mindset broader. Make friends at work and hangout with them outside work place.  This will create a harmony in your day to day worklife and trust me it will make your life better.

It will also make your worklife easier. A friendly hand can also help you in your work and motivate you.

4. Try to look presentable:

I know this is quite impossible to maintain always, but it’s important. If you look presentable, your confidence boosts up easily. You feel beautiful and superior. And, that can help you to fight the negative energies around like a queen.

You can boost your self esteem in 2 basic steps:

  • Wear clean and trendy outfits
  • Wear minimal make-up.

5. Learn to say NO.

Corporate environment can be messed up. To survive this situation you don’t have to compromise always. Sometimes you can surrender gracefully. By, saying a word No. Trust me that doesn’t end your life. Say it for a new beginning. Learn to say NO like a bawse.

Have a talk with your team leader try to make him/her understand what are your challenges. Explain them. But never compromise. Remember this is not the end.

6. Stay organized:

Keep your desk and belongings neat and clean. If possible try to decorate your desk as per your taste.

It will help you to increase enthusiasm in your day to day job.

And, try to choose soothing fragrance for your perfume. It will help your nerve to think better and will keep you calm. My pick is always Lavender.

Always remember work place is a part of your life. Remember not to make it your life.

And always remember to 👇


10 thoughts on “How To Surround Yourself With Positive Energy At A Negative Work Environment! ”

    1. Hi dear. I’ll be glad if this writing could do a little help. Yes, I can relate to whatever you have mentioned. Me, myself had to consider another job due to some environmental problems at my previous job.. my current workplace is much more stable and friendly in terms of every aspect. But 3 hours sounds crazy. Don’t worry you’ll get adjusted to the change.

      Wish you all the best.


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