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That Golden – Glimmer Glow! ☄

Morning Guys!

Today would like to share a glimmer tale. 

Being a proud owner of medium to deep skin tone range, I always did have a thing for golden highlights. Since when FentyBeauty launched their incredible line of make-up , had my eyes glued to Trophy Wife highlighter.  But sadly there’s no Sephora in Bangladesh. And, whenever I log in to fentybeauty.com it’s always stock out.

Few weeks ago, I got my hands on new – Colourpop I Think I Love You palette. And, then again I came across this below.

Tadaaa!! So, I got the dupe! Now can rock that yellow gold highlights. Believe me, even one of my friends who purchased 🏆 wife couldn’t believe it’s a dupe that I am wearing. 👐

Rule breaker ( 2nd right from the bottom row)

Now the question is, do I still want the 🏆 wife!?

Answer : Yes, Yes.. . YESSSS.

Now please don’t ask me anything else!

Hope you all enjoyed the post. Have a good day all .



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