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Argan Oil Nourishing Hair Mask : Hair Food to fight dullness. 

Hi everyone. So we are back with our favourite product review again. 

If you all aren’t aware about it already let me tell you … we have 6 seasons in Bangladesh. So, climate change is a very common thing here.  And, spring is a dry weather since it falls right after winter. 

Moreover if you have a crazy routine due to work and stuffs, you face damage on a higher scale. But selfcare is very important! I do barely have time for hair spa and skincare. I wash my hair in every alternative days. Also, try to take a oil massage before washing it. But gradually I started to notice that my hair is becoming dry and dull. I changed my shampoo thrice in last 2 months.  But no significant change was seen. 

I wanted to come to a solution to this problem, then I saw this product in a Facebook group only for bdt 350.

It’s non other than the Argan Oil – nourishing hair mask with Moroccan argan oil extracts. It comes in a dome jar. Total product quantity is 220 ml.

The product looks (also feels) like a thick conditioner. On top of everything this smells amazing!! Also super easy to use!

I have applied the product thrice! And the results are amazing!!


 Look closely here. My hair looks so dry and also rough at the same time. 😒


Now here. This is the situation after my 2nd application of this mask. My hair looks visibly better. It’s smooth, slick and shiny. Also the texture has become softer and manageable!!!  💖

How to use it :

After shampooing, towel dry your hair. Now take a good amount of product in your hands. Apply it from root to tip of your hair. Leave it for 7 to 10 mins.  Then wash it off! And, enjoy the divine feeling Now!!! 😉 let others enjoy too. 

Visible changes: 

If you compare above photos you’ll find out that my hair was severely damaged. And, on next photo My hair has regained its lost shine. It has  started to happen right after my first application. I do apply it twice a week. ✔✔

My hair type is silky/ smooth but I have super oily scalp.

If you are suffering from dullness, go pick this up.

I have got mine from Beautification BD. The owner is a sweetheart! If you reside in Bangladesh contact this page.

You can also order it from Amazon UK for £ 3.48 only!

I am stacking the product thus I never run out later. 😂


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