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Fixing Broken Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows and Highlighters 

Good day everyone 🙂 

Today I would like to share something with all of you. A lot of us are addicted to the brand Colourpop. Count me one among those as well. Last time when I ordered few products from them, many came broken and damaged. I was sad. But then again, I was researching on how to fix them. Not to mention again that the consistency of the super shock pigments are spongy/ creamy. So it doesn’t need much work. While looking into it, I came across the post by Greygoddess and believe me it worked like magic. (Thanks for writing it gorgeous!)

Things you need :

1. A coin (I took a 2 taka coin. If you take a bigger one, it works better.) 💱

2.A tissue paper. 🌹
Last but not the least your hands. 👏

 The product came slightly broken.. btw this is the ‘dusk till dawn’ set.

This is the ‘Over the Moon’ highlighter. 

Step 1:

Wash or sanitise your hands first. Then clean the coin and take a tissue paper. Open the lid of the super shock pigments. Press the broken surface of the product with your hands in order to make it look a little bit replenished.

Step 2:

Place the tissue on top of the pot and place it on top. Now gently rub it in a circular motion. Do it till the broken element sets nicely on the surface.

Step 3

For finishing touch repeat the process for a while. Now gently remove the tissue and coin. And close the lid.

You can fix your super shock series products by following the steps.

I have fixed my broken colourpop products already. 

So don’t get sad, fix it by following the process.


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