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Wedding Guest Attire : Version Blue 💙

Hello Everyone. Happy Tuesday! Hope you all are combating with weekdays like a pro. Today, I would like to cover a look I did on my cousin’s wedding reception.

This look has stole the show since the day i have posted. I fell in love with this! 💙

Many of you are already aware about blue being my favourite colour. This blue Saree was my last moment pick. Got it from mirpur the hub of all local katan fabrics! Nothing looked better on me than this! It was a love at first sight! 

I carried this Saree like a boss with my off white raw silk purse!

Also added few regal touch with some gold jewelleries from moms collection. I borrowed her ‘chura’ (bracelet), kaan pasha (earrings) and Angti (ring). Also added this custom made tikli (headpiece) to look extra af ! This is not pure gold though.

For Makeup I have added gallons of highlighters to twinkle like a star! I’ll add another post on my makeup look for the day. Stay tuned.

Till our next post… eat, pray and slay! 💖

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