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Mehendi Ready – A Minimalist Bride 🙋‍♀️

Hello there! 

Ramadan Mubarak! Hope you all are enjoying a blissful Ramadan! We have been disconnected from the wordpress community for a long time. But that too for a very good reason. It was the wedding of one of our active contributors. Today we are going to talk about her, mehendi night getup. 

It was a small and private event organised by the family members right before her akht ceremony. Makeup and getup was planned right before a week of the event. 

The lehenga was the reincarnated form of the bride’s mommy’s saree.  Its a katan Saree.  The top is made from the ‘Anchal’ side. The ‘Dupatta’ is a custom embroidered on chiffon fabric.

To compliment with the attire and all these warm tones; she has accessorized it with a silver jewellery set!

The makeup was done within 10 mins by the bride.  To compliment with those warm eyeshadow colours , she chose to pick a brick red matte lipstick. 

The henna was done by one of the most talented henna artists in Bangladesh right now.  She is none other than Afsana Afrose from Mehendi by Afsana

Look how perfect it was!!

Hope you enjoyed the post!


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