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Boho styled birthday look 

Hey beautiful people! I turned 26 last month and for my birthday celebration, the theme was Bohemian!  I wanted my dress to be flowy but not much and at the same time, wanted it to have slits and a low back. I always had the color white in mind but wanted floral printed dress at… Continue reading Boho styled birthday look 

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Why did I cut my hair so short?

Change in looks has a close relationship with a new/fresh start. When you tend to make some decisions, you need to hold yourself together. Sometimes it is so hard and sometimes not! But the harsh truth is, time heals it all. Everything comes with the act of acceptance.  The fast you accept things, it's better… Continue reading Why did I cut my hair so short?

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#OOTD : Touch of Tradition with a Pinch of Modernism. 

Good day people. Hope you all are getting over the monday blues. Today, I would love to  about some outfit ideas. Those who are keen about updated outfit ideas without coming out of the box, I think this is for you. Those who are on our Instagram, your much love for this look inspired me… Continue reading #OOTD : Touch of Tradition with a Pinch of Modernism. 

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That Golden – Glimmer Glow! ☄

Morning Guys! Today would like to share a glimmer tale. Being a proud owner of medium to deep skin tone range, I always did have a thing for golden highlights. Since when FentyBeauty launched their incredible line of make-up , had my eyes glued to Trophy Wife highlighter.  But sadly there's no Sephora in Bangladesh. And, whenever I log in… Continue reading That Golden – Glimmer Glow! ☄

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Yes Please!- A Colourpop pressed powder eyeshadow palette review.

Hi Everyone. Today I want to talk about a Cute AF palette by Colourpop cosmetics. It is their original pressed eyeshadow palette "Yes Please!". This palette comes with 12 eyeshadows. All the colours are in the warm family. The colours remind me of fall. With red, orange and warm toned browns and a popping yellow; this… Continue reading Yes Please!- A Colourpop pressed powder eyeshadow palette review.

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Take Care of Yourself! 

Quarter life crisis - not a new thing though. Almost every person goes through the phase. At early 20's most of us end up taking bad decisions and in the end suffers from the consequences.  Calm down. It's okay. Nobody's perfect. So, mistakes are fine. It's okay to make as much mistakes before your 30's.… Continue reading Take Care of Yourself! 

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Noor (2017) – Was it worth the Watch?

Hi Everyone. Today I would like to talk about a movie I cherished last evening.  Since, I have born here in Bangladesh, Bollywood movies have been a part of my life. But in past 2 years, I dunno, I didn't enjoy any good Bollywood movie that I could recommend. Noor is based on Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz's… Continue reading Noor (2017) – Was it worth the Watch?

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#OOTD : Summer Blues 💙

Hi guys.  Since this look was quite a hit on my Instagram, thought of sharing a detailed post as many of you demanded. It's 36° Celsius outside and had to attend one of my best friend's wedding. So picked a basic kota Saree in blue from mom's closet to stylise.  Blue has the cooling and… Continue reading #OOTD : Summer Blues 💙


Glitz BD : Monthly Subscription Box

Hi Everyone.  Hope you are doing well. Today I'm going to talk about our local beauty subscription service by Glitz BD. They are offering a handful of make-up products on a monthly or quarterly basis. Starting from BDT. 1700 only. I have subscribed to their monthly package this September.  I'm pretty satisfied with their selection of… Continue reading Glitz BD : Monthly Subscription Box


How To Surround Yourself With Positive Energy At A Negative Work Environment! 

Hi Everyone! Happy weekend. Hope you are enjoying the weekend bliss and self time with your loved ones. Today I would like to talk about something which is much needed for every working people. For the working class, we spend our maximum hours of the day at work place. If your work environment  is full… Continue reading How To Surround Yourself With Positive Energy At A Negative Work Environment!